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22nd July 2014

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Key 1: Allison, killed by the Oni.

Key 2: Aiden, killed by the Oni.

Did they kill anyone else? I mean, they cut down a shit ton of people at the hospital but did anyone with a name die?

Well, I thought that the keys were the names of people who were important to Lydia. So I’m thinking that Jackson is the next name. I could be wrong, but…Colton did show up on set during this season, didn’t he?

He did, I remember the pictures.  But why would it come back to Lydia? I mean why would they be important to her? Why would the benefactor link it to her?

Because they wanted to hurt her? Already, the two keys were names of people that were important to her and both died. And as a banshee and genius, Lydia was the only one who could get the keys and understand them. Lydia was the one who somehow wrote out the code. No one else has it or could have gotten it.

I don’t know, seriously, we could talk circles around this and it’ll probably end up being some stupid answer because we all know how teen wolf works by now. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her dog’s name.

For all we know it is magic code and the cypher keys are names important to the person opening it - for Lydia, it is Allison and Aiden and Jackson or summat, while for the mute dude it could have een Freddie, Spot and Bartholomew.  Because it would make just as much sense.

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22nd July 2014

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22nd July 2014

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Okay so on a more serious note part of me wonders if there is a levelo of serious brainwashing involved with the Code. Like, we\ve had it established that chris has been trained to be a soldier since he was a child. So, how much of what Araya did was basically trying to trigger programming she knows is there? That the code has been embedded so deep into his brain that he cannot be rid of it, ever? Like, trigger words kind of a situatioin?

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22nd July 2014

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oh Chris bb what are you doing WHAT ARE YOU DOING gah gah gah

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22nd July 2014

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So Wolfie and I were discussing unusual kink/pairing combos and this happened.

that’s okay I’d read that fic too


So Wolfie and I were discussing unusual kink/pairing combos and this happened.

that’s okay I’d read that fic too

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22nd July 2014

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22nd July 2014

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Anonymous said: Hey, copperbadge, you know a lot about Clint Barton. I seem to recall that Clint made the claim at one point that the draw on his bow was, like, 200 pounds or something completely ridiculous like that. Is that true?


I think so. I haven’t read the book personally, at least I don’t think, but according to Wikipedia he had a 250-pound draw on his bow. The citation to go with this was typically, for comics, cryptic:

Gruenwald, Mark; Layton, Bob (1983). Till Death Do Us Part. Hawkeye 1 (4).

That ought to give you a start in looking. I’m no expert but as I understand it, 250lb draw on a bow is rifuckingdiculous. 

A lot has been made of the fact that Clint, especially in the film, has really terrible form, but I think that’s pretty accurate — he learned from a carnie, for god’s sake. Imagine how good he’d be if he’d had proper training. :D

Wasn’t it a plot point at one comic where some villain picked it up and was like ow ow ow fuck ow i can’t make this thing move ow

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22nd July 2014

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the fathers of teen wolf.

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22nd July 2014

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Look y’all, I’m not in Teen Wolf fandom anymore, I cop to that. BUT THIS is a total shit show. 

Fandom belongs to FANS and should not EVER be on a website that the powers that be create for their own purposes or in the control of a corporate sponsor (.mtv is not cute). Placing work on the website, ADMITTING to the desire to move fandom into an area where they have more control and removing the interaction fans have with each other to a space in which 1. you don’t hold the rights to your work and standards are set not by the community but the powers that be and 2. you’re removed from the traditions of fanspace is totally gross and inappropriate on their part. They aren’t the first ones to try this bullshit either, they’re just cloaking it in different words.

Please don’t fall for this and if you DO and are curious about it please carefully read the TOS for the site you are signing up for and learn about how they can and will use your content for profit in the future. Protect yourself, protect your community. Ultimately, it’s your choice but it should always be YOUR choice and YOUR experience and YOUR fandom. Bringing it out of the realm of fans, where you didn’t create the website, you didn’t make the rules, you can’t do whatever the fuck you want, is not okay. It’s not what fandom is about. Teen Wolf PTB aren’t PART of fandom. You are.

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22nd July 2014

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Reblog if you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend.







That’s a lot of notes. Let’s all date each other. Everyone get into groups of two.

Let’s do the math then.

with 841,518 reblogs that would be 420,279 couples.


everytime I see this post it has an even amount of notes, I guess I’m just doomed to be alone forever


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22nd July 2014


just realized that the number of people I know who literally have a hole in their head or are about to have one is scary high

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22nd July 2014

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Well fuck I am gonna be stuck at work so I can’t livewatch teen woof tonight. Boo.

But hey 3 more hours at a real keyboard, who wants to entertain meeeee?

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21st July 2014

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21st July 2014

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So, I went to tag a post with ‘Teen Wolf’ and must have hit something wrong on my keyboard, because the tag that actually came up was:

#'imagine derek and chris taking turns to make peter come'

Well, if you insist…


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21st July 2014

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Oh my god this is brilliant. 
Gonna have to have a section just for covers, I see… 


Oh my god this is brilliant. 

Gonna have to have a section just for covers, I see… 

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