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6th January 2013

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Va Te Faire Foutre: Consequences of bad tattoos are REAL →



I don’t have any fancy pictures to go with this, but I felt like I needed to share. I work in a hospital in an intensive care unit. The other day I had a patient, young 18 year old kid who came in with a serious heart infection, blood and lung infection; the type of…

But sometimes, the friend doing cheap tattoos is training to be a real artist and needs to build a portfolio. So just be smart and use good judgement. Two of my tattoos were done by a friend for very cheap because she needed the practice.

Yup, that’s my ankle there. Think of it it this way - would you let your friend who’s learning to be a mechanic fix your car vs. letting a friend who says “oh i’ve looked it up on the internet for funsies” have a go at it? there IS a difference.

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    I don’t have any fancy pictures to go with this, but I felt like I needed to share. I work in a hospital in an intensive...
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    Seriously read this. NEVER get a tattoo from someone that is NOT licensed in tattoo artistry. If you can, go to a shop....
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